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The power of
the tongue


Since the day I learned my 1st word

self expression has always been 2nd nature

a child prodigy of 3rd world parents

so, I have to tell my forefathers stories on paper.

Silenced for too long the strength of my tongue

sentenced me to a life of writing wrongs

my penmanship bridges gaps

of intergenerational dialogue

marginalized between the lines of lands my parents traveled

sacrificing the familiarity of home

to make ease for me, life's inevitable battles

so who am I not to be what I was destined?

Despite school systems labeling me

and sanctioning me to detention

despite the target on my back

and private funding to put melanin in prison,


I will not be your stereotype

I am made from the essence of stardust above aerial heights

it is not my fault, you cannot see the light in me

you cannot enlighten me on your capitalist commodoties

I am the rose the adapted to blossom from concrete

capitalizing on conquered conquests

my predecessors paved

placing poetic politic on histories page

these pages cut from my family trees

that once hung our forefathers as slaves!

It is these pages I tell their stories

it is these lines they once hung from I celebrate their glory

Just to stay connected to my roots

These pages are sacred

It's how hip hop's essence began as pure truth

yet these days, I can't relate to what most rappers are saying in the booth

This spoken word, is a gift

We can emanate life or death by the mere intentions

coming out of our lips

We can speak dreams into existence

creating a world – united or divided

You can choose to be the change,

or remain silenced

by size, the tongue is the strongest muscle in our bodies for a reason

a tool to connect us to the divine

more then just speaking it keeps us believing

a portal between time and space mixed

the inspiration of ancient heiroglyhs

Our words can build dynasties and mend broken bonds

our words can create vitality

and give us the freedom of redemptions songs

they can heal us from wounds of the past

and live beyond us

like, MLK's dreams to see us free to at last

they can also carry us into other dimensions

So be mindful of the words and intentions

that depart from the sacredness of your tongue

we are powerful vessels

the creator etched presence into our lungs

so you have a gift within you

write your story

leave a legacy that will continue

etch your name in the dendrachronology of histories pages

do not allow the 'from' and 'to' on your tombstone to just be dated

let the dash in between

reveal the story you told

and of the magic that you created!

"The power of the tongue." Copyright ©2021 by Randell Adjei.

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