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The Power of "I Am"

I believe the two most powerful words in the English language are 'I Am'. These words used in any sentence can unveil what we may subconsciously believe or think about ourselves. The ways in which we use 'I Am,' are powerful. They should be used with purpose and intent. Our 'I Am's' transform over time, as we shift and mature in life. The journey of exploring our 'I Am's' is life long. My mentor, D'bi Anitafrika Young, who has supported me in my process of developing my own Self Knowledge taught me the power of these three questions: 1) Who Am I? 2) How I Am I? 3) What is my purpose? As a poet, I often approach my poetry with my self Identity in mind leaving the social identities placed upon me behind. I refer to those three questions when I put pen to paper. I reflect on who I believe myself to be in the moment and approach the blank page with the intention to mirror my authentic self and paint a verbal masterpiece. We live in a world that often says being vulnerable is a sign of weakness but, I think our vulnerability is a sign of strength. It takes a lot of courage to show the world your true self. One must be brave and unafraid of being judged for who they truly are. I feel that is the power that poetry presents us, a cathartic space for us to explore and express our truest selves. I believe when we know who we are and can holistically finish our I am sentences with an authentic perspective, the world begins to open itself up to us we more. I also believe self knowledge is important as a writer. In fact, it is important in life, as we are the authors of our lives with the decisions and choices we make. How do you use your I Am's? How do your I Am's show up in your life? I'd like to offer a creative writing exercise through these series of prompts. Write down the prompts and fill them out with 1 - 2 sentences according to what is true to you in this moment.

I Am I Believe I Feel I See

I Grow I Hold I Let go of I trust I fear I worry I hope I aspire I ensure I Am



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