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I am an Artist


I am an artist

And I have no time to be silent

no time to allow these words

to asphyxiate my ancestry

amidst this violence

this despair

can’t deny the world my gift

because of fear.

Living a life of purpose and service

I will not die with my gifts still in here

Inspired by my pain

and how close death came

images of a tombstone

Inscribed with my name

and just then, i snapped back

to a new era - a new lane

and then my real eye realized

that i could be the one to make a change

I … am an artist

creator of lyrical calligraphy

take you on a journey with my soliloquies

literary imageries

full of healing

may my words add meaning to your life

and the feelings you left behind

with the things that i write

may my words penetrate your soul

Levitating your being

beyond the thoughts you think you know

Because ignoring the call of our dreams can be lethal

Especially when you tell your BIG dreams

to small minded people

Pumping in the depths of me is my heartistry

this life giving gift that i was given

how can i deny the world the gift of the creators imprint?

How dare i suppress the talents etched in the flesh of my chest?

Am i not grateful?

Do i not cherish it?

Randell, have you not realized

that this is your ticket to the exodus?

When chasing our dreams we sometimes ask if its worth it

but have we not realized that not doing it will cause the world a disservice?

A failure to fulfill our purpose .

I am an artist

persistently pushing pens and pencils

living in my purpose

practicing my pure potential

We as artists must get creating

when the world is devastated

we are the beacons of hope

healing to suicide notes

we change people’s lives with this gift

so no matter how rough it gets, don’t quit!

Know you can push beyond the limits

You are an image of the infinite

you are magnificent creation

every choice we make filled our life’s pages

the road ahead will be tough but remain patient

know that you are designing magic in the making

so, when the blueprint of your story is read,

will it free the world from the matrix?

"I am an Artist." Copyright ©2021 by Randell Adjei.

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