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CFSW Poet of Honour Distinction recipient (2019) and recent TED Talk Speaker Mahlikah is an artist for social change based in Toronto, Michi Saagig Nishnawbe (Mississauga) territory (Treaty 13). She is a recognized spoken word artist, activist, arts educator, artist mentor, musician, performance artist, futurist writer, digital artist, and mindfulness coach.


Mahlikah is a Paula Fund awardee and a contributing writer and digital artist for the first Black Canadian Afro-Futurism anthology, Cosmic Underground Northside: An Incantation of Black Speculative Discourse and Innerstandings (Cedar Grove Publishing). She is currently:

  • the Director of Programming for Neighbourhood Impact at the Centre of Learning and Development

  • an Art Educator for The Art Gallery of Ontario

  • a TDSBCreates Artist Mentor

  • a Faculty Member for BLM Canada's Wildseed Centre’s Black Arts Fellowship

Recent artistic projects include:

  • CBC Arts Poetic License Featured Poet

  • Audible Canada’s Power in Poetry: Moods That Move Recording Artist

  • Defining Brave Short Film Featured Performer

TED Talk Speaker at TEDxDelthorne Women in Los Angeles California

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Featured poem

She Who Brings The Dawn

Virility of spirit is language of the soul

As above

So below

Banish burdens to the incandescence of starlings

To be transmuted

Bind sanctified proclamation of the land and all creation

Ordaining my existence undisputed

Elevating celestial wisdom as reputed


Balance inner-worlds of umbrage and lustre


Veils enshrouding mystical terrains

Whisper incantations

Again and Again

Stirring the embers of stardust

Flowing through my veins

This is what standing on the periphery

Of melodious myth & mystery tastes like

Insatiable mouth-watering prophecy

Oozing with scrumptious morsels of miracles

And ancient odyssey’s


The Far Seer Woman told me once

The Universe is in the palm of my hands

Inscribed in my fingertips

Anointed by the lunation of the Moon

Orbital Eclipse


Empirical to the engravings

Papyrus Scrolls


DaVinci Codes

Unfurling leviathan gateways

An armoury of incubated intentions

Sung to the waters, tree, and winds

Nourishing these paranormal interconnections


Still, I pursue this unknowing



A Padawan of Pleiades raised by wolves

With a flock of eagles bounding in my chest


After I nest procuring subliminal rest

Flourishing reinvention

I tend to my altar

Replenish my cauldron

Surrender to the infinite

My intuition deliberate

As I align my introspection

With an incarnation so intricate

Excavating that which no longer serves me

Encompassing the totality of what is meant for me

Cultivating a massive shape-shift betwixt


The Healer

The Warrior

The Witch





Sustenance and cessation

Arousing fantastical imaginations


They have been formulating

My unfolding

Uncloaking my magnificence

Exalting my effervescence


Ancestral magic







Languishing in hollowed dark matter

Beyond the Super Eons it took Jupiter to Conjunct Saturn


I ascended resplendent


I am now a wandering Super Nova


Dazzling spellbound vista


Enticing Enchantress

Immortal instrument


Forged from Hoo Doo ceremonious

Rites & rituals

Matrilineal legacy

Lineage medicinal

Daughter of Venus the Morning Star


She Who Brings The Dawn

She Who Brings The Dawn

"She Who Brings The Dawn." Copyright © 2021 by Mahlikah.

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