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Children between the cracks

We are the children of resilience 
Blooming amidst the cracks of concrete street corners

where no life was meant to grow
yet we’ve planted ourselves 
between cracks our ancestors
learned to sow
we’ve learned to reap in these streets
from seedling 
to being

             We kept on reaching for sunlight
we are the forgotten and downtrodden
Discarded like apples rotten
from the Garden of Eden
this concrete block has become my home
they treat me like weeds in concrete 
as if i wasn’t supposed to grow
yet here i am
still reaching as far as i can
I embrace light,
and the absence of fear
I bloom, 
reminding them, 
i didn’t know 
that i wasn’t supposed to grow here 
there tactics to weaken me
have only strengthen my resilience 
so now i spread these seeds
Because I know my time here,

is limited.

"Children between the cracks." Copyright ©2021 by Randell Adjei.

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