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Brokenness Poem

I know too many broken people

broke into pieces

they think

they cannot fix.

Like shattered glass

They may cut you

when you try to uplift

slice the helping hands

hoping to heal

the harm

that has happened to them

They often hurt in silence

smile in your face today

and tomorrow

You may hear of how their brokenness

has escalated into acts of violence

Sometimes we judge these broken people

and call them names

label them, sometimes forget

that like flipping a coin,

they too can change.

But what does it really mean to be broken

when it is broken people

that have helped mend the world?

Realize that in our brokenness

is when our true lives unfurl.

My brokenness

gave me hope again

Transformed the shape of the world i knew

gave me a new beginning,

allowed me to

recreate the world i live in

Brokenness is a sign of re-creation

a sign of growth

we fear brokenness

because we fear the unknown

and uncertainty

But brokenness

can piece our holes perfectly

sometimes permanently


If you’ve never known brokenness

how will you know

when you are whole?

If you’ve never been broken

how would you measure

your growth?

"Brokeness Poem." Copyright ©2021 by Randell Adjei.

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